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Surface cleaning moldy wood


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I have this barrel top that I'd like to clean up for a project.  Wood guy that I got it from said to just use water and a wire brush but I'd like to take better care of it than that.  The white specs aren't actually there; photo anomaly or something.  What kind of cleaner would go well with a nylon brush to clean things up here?



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Safe removal of mold on wood is critical so the spores don't spread on surfaces or in the air and trigger allergic symptoms or other breathing problems in you or your family. At the first sign of mold, wood surfaces should be cleaned. For outdoor wood furniture, decks, and siding in humid climates, at least a yearly cleaning is recommended. The cleaning itself it's a long and excruciating process, so I would recommend filling a request on https://sparklewash.com/northcentralwv/ to insure proper wood care.

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