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How to get this rock floor compacted?...

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I'm trying to even out my dirt/rock garage floor by adding 3-4 in of 1/4" and below limestone fines and mixing/raking in type I / II portland cement into the top 2-3 in.  Idea was to use a plate compactor to get it mashed down then sprinkle with water, compact, sprinkle.  Well, the small rock mixture with the slippery cement powder doesn't seem to be suitable for a plate compactor as the machine tends to borough down through the substrate spitting it out from the sides, even at it's slowest speed.  This is a problem I'm guessing larger rock mixtures don't suffer from.  So now I'm left trying to figure out how to get this stuff compacted, I guess by hand?  The good news is the rock the machine managed to compact looked fairly good with no gaps.  The cement is mixed in thoroughly and fairly deep.  Although I'll be watering/misting I'd say gingerly I plan on giving it enough water so it reaches the bottom layers, and keep it damp over the next week as it cures.


My only ideas for compacting so far are either a 8x8 hand tamper or possibly a weighted roller?  Any suggestions?

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Yes thanks wingless I actually ended up turning my hard rake upside down and leveled like you described.  Works well.


I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the floor tonight.  Raked it even, sprinkled water, and tamped it all down.  Leveled out fairly ok but not as good as I wanted.  It's got some shallow spots I'd like to fill it possible.


Any suggestion for any kind of floor leveler that would work on a floor like this that's gonna remain damp (with my continued watering) for about the next week as it cures?

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