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Using two 18v batteries in place of one 40v battery - aka 'got a multimeter and a 40v Greenworks battery?'

keith 531

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Hi folks,
I'd like to 'emulate' a Greenworks 40v battery because I've a 40v Greenworks hedge trimmer (G40HT61) but am too mean to buy their battery and charger (too expensive imho). I have several 18v power tool batteries that could easily power it if I connect a pair in series but there's a minor problem. It runs for about 5 seconds then cuts out. It's likely that the control wire connecting the battery to the control pcb is the issue. It runs from the pin next to the minus terminal on the trimmer to the the PCB at a point marked "COM". The Greenworks battery will connect this wire to either the + or - terminal via some electronic component and I wondered what it might be, hence my query.


I've read that some cheaper 40v batteries are pin compatible - Kobalt, Snapper etc


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Hi.... yhat cutter uses the Gen1 40 volt battery that is wired in a fairly odd manner. You can't quantify the complete voltage between any two focuses on the battery terminals. All things being equal, a completely energized battery should gauge roughly 24 volts between terminals C and + and between terminals Omega and +. Since you are just getting around 13 volts, the battery is most likely not appropriately charged. At the point when you push down the test button on the battery, the number of green LEDs do you see ? Each of the four LEDs ought to enlighten when the battery is completely energized. In the event that the two batteries won't charge, the issue could be with the charger.

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On 24.05.2021 at 13:27, keith 531 said:

Merhaba millet,
bir Greenworks 40v pili 'taklit etmek' istiyorum çünkü bir 40v Greenworks çit düzelticim (G40HT61) var ama pillerini ve şarj cihazını satın alamayacak kadar kötüyüm (çok pahalı imho). Bir çifti seri bağlarsam kolayca çalıştırabilecek birkaç 18v elektrikli alet pilim var ama küçük bir sorun var. Yaklaşık 5 saniye çalışır ve sonra kesilir. Sorun muhtemelen pili kontrol baskılı devre kartına bağlayan kontrol kablosudur. Düzelticideki eksi terminalin yanındaki pimden "COM" ile işaretlenmiş bir noktada PCB'ye kadar uzanır. Greenworks pili bu kabloyu bazı elektronik bileşenler aracılığıyla + veya - terminaline bağlayacak ve ne olabileceğini merak ettim, bu yüzden sorgum.


Bazı ucuz 40v pillerin pin uyumlu olduğunu okudum - Kobalt, Snapper vs.


Yes, it is very expensive as you say. But you can ask the electrician to make a charged battery for you.

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