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Well my M18 fuel recip saw shipped today!!


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I just used the Circular saw today.  I built a garden with a fence, well I am still building it.  The Sawzall is a huge jump forward and that thing is a beast.  A huge improvement over the older model.  I am not sure who, but someone noticed they didn't include an orbital action in the cordless.  However they did include everything else.  I was surprised the Sawzall cutting through the 6x6.  I think Milwaukee all ready had the best circular saw on the market.  This didn't have as many new features as the Sawzall, but it is a huge jump forward with the brushless, new shoe and rafter hanger.  I think you will like this a lot.  Did your just come with one battery?


Congrats on your buys.  Let me know what you think.

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They have been really good. The sawzall feels like a corded tool now. It's not like a 15 amp supersawzall but its like the middle of the road 8-10 amp version. I just wish they included the orbital function. The circular saw is a beast just feels really nice in the hand and tons of power. Milwaukee did a really good job with these the one nice thing would have been is to enlarge the circular to a 7 1/4 inch blade like the corded saws the 6 1/2 was a compromise when they were called trim saws this isn't a trim saw.

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Nice, yeah I wonder why no orbital function on the sawzall, cordless jigsaws have it, why not the sawzalls? I was hoping the fuel circular would have a 7-1/4" blade and corded power. It's supposed to have corded power and way longer run time and I'm OK with the 6-1/2" blade.

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