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DeWalt 20V Grass Trimmer-Doesn't Start-

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RE:  DeWalt 20V Grass Trimmer - DCST920 (Type 3)

will not start.... help


We bought this trimmer last summer, and were very pleased with its performance and battery life.  We used it about 6 times.  Pulled it out this spring, recharged battery fully, started then stopped in 2-3 seconds, only couple rotations.  Unfortunately, receipt misplaced, info for warranty wasn't registered.  Thus warranty service not an option.

Problem Solving Steps:


1.  Borrowed neighbor's 20V battery, didn't start.

2.  Cleaned trimmer from all debris.  Removed Spool trimmer head. Found a spec gra  When I removed the Spindle Lock Plate, found a very twisted piece of string & grass debris. Removed. Reassembled trimmer, inserted battery, no action.

3. Google search found that many have experienced problems with this trimmer within few months.  Many replaced the DeWalt bumper trim head with a Husqvarna T35, with success.  We ordered part, installed & hopes for it to have solved problem ~~ fizzled ~~.  Unit would not start.

4. More google search, suggested removing Guard Assembly and just the cover of the Gear Case Assembly, blow out any debris found.  Very little grass found was blown out.  However, areas of grease buildup on gears & other areas grease free.  Is that a sign of something? like over heating?  We did not explore further. Reassembled, and trimmer did not start.

5. Further google search led to reading couple reviews on Amazon.  Customers found the motor & pinion required replacement.  Apparently a common problem for Type 1,2 &3.  Dewalt is aware of issue, but will not cover replacement 1 year full nor 3 year part warranty.


See pics below.  How does one determine that motor is problem? 


Please:  Any input, suggestions, feedback is welcomed.

Thank you in advance,

~ very frustrated Gayle


DeWaltTrimmer (1).jpg

DeWaltTrimmer (2).jpg

DeWaltTrimmer (3).jpg

DeWaltTrimmer (4).jpg

DeWaltTrimmer (5).jpg

DeWaltTrimmer (6).jpg

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