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Dhs790 is out of stock everywhere. Is it discontinued?


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I noticed home depot didn't have it in stock any more. Started looking online and it's out of stock from all the big tool dealers. What's going on with Dewalt? They discontinued the new tough system 2.0 radio the first year. Now their nicest miter saw appears to be discontinued.

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Always weird to me Dewalt marketed as if they were all-in on multi-battery for Flexvolt when they released that saw and then nothing since. Most curiously for their cordless table saw which would have been a much better tool to employ it on. Maybe with their 15Ah battery they are shifting into believing they don’t need dual batteries on anything. Maybe not liking the idea of paying Makita royalties.


Either way I wouldn’t expect this to be a permanent thing. Dewalt will almost certainly bring out a new and mostly otherwise improved 12” to replace it.

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Looked around me and there are a few available.  Maybe they're rekitting the DHS790 with newer batteries, my saw came with the early 2/6Ah batteries, while my wormdrive style circular saw (purchased a year or so later) came with the 9Ah.  It would make sense to kit higher demand tools with larger batteries such as the 12Ah or the new 15Ah.

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