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Info. on Black and Decker Miter Saw 3091/1

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Just joined this forum-- from what I've read it's a great source of helpful information and advice. 

I recently picked up a used Black and Decker miter saw (model # 3091/1) from Craigslist--yep...definitely an oldie.  It needs some cleaning and some TLC, but what would really help would be a copy of the manual.  I've looked everywhere online, and checked out eBay as well-- no luck.  I emailed the Black and Decker support inbox and was told to contact Sears (?)--hmmm.  I know that back in the day B & D made tools for Sears, but this particular saw is clearly labeled as 'Black and Decker-Professional,' and having worked at Sears a lifetime ago, I know Sears-branded model numbers when I see them.   Maybe they just didn't want to deal with questions about a decades-old product.  Or maybe I'm just missing something regarding which company owns which product lines.  


Anyway, was wondering if someone out there by chance still had one of these antiques, and would be willing to either share scanned copies of the manual, or just provide a basic run-through of the saw's features.  I know that it's a long shot, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Welcome to the forum.


This Vintage Tools Forum has Black and Decker documents, but that specific manual was not located. They might have something close enough.


Post some pictures.


Here is a topic w some images for that saw.




My dinosaur miter saw is nothing fancy, but I have it set to make really accurate cuts from one side, entering from left, held w/ left hand, cutting w/ right hand. In my case the one piece fence isn't straight and I don't want to make it worse by putting in my bench press.

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