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Thoughts? Metabo HPT 5 pc kit ($399) vs Kobalt XTR 5 pc kit ($349)


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Just noticed that both of these kits are on sale (the Kobalt is a New Lower Price, but Lowe's is infamous for bouncing them back up to full retail):


Metabo HPT 5-tool kit for $399 (includes 36v Multivolt circular saw, everything else is 18v brushless): Metabo HPT (was Hitachi Power Tools) 5 Tool Cordless Combo Kit in the Power Tool Combo Kits department at Lowes.com


Kobalt XTR 5-tool kit for $349: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-XTR-5-Tool-24-Volt-Max-Brushless-Power-Tool-Combo-Kit-with-Hard-Case-Charger-Included-and-2-Batteries-Included/1002274180


Thoughts on either, and/or suggestions on which you'd recommend?

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I feel like this is a “hard to go wrong” thing.


Maybe more important than the tools in the package are the other tools each battery platform offers. Each brand has some tools that are particularly good performers or aren’t offered by a lot of competitors.


Kobalt has a 7.5” dual-bevel miter that gets a lot of praise, and a cordless belt sander that almost no one else does yet. And basically all their tools are brushless.


Metabo HPT has what are presently two cordless tools no one else offers at all: a 1/2” router, and a 10” tablesaw. Both have developed reputations for unsurprisingly short run times, but Metabo HPT also is the only range with a converter allowing you to plug all their tools into an outlet if you need. Also their tablesaw has a rack and pinion fence. They also have great nailers.


I like both platforms, but you should check them both and see which one “sings” to your specific needs more.

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Thank you. I honestly don't see myself expanding much beyond the combo kits themselves. Mostly a DIY/homeowner. I do like the fact that Metabo HPT has a converter, just because it future proofs the platform if for some reason batteries don't become available/discontinuation. I already have a Multivolt hammer drill I picked up for cheap bare, from when Lowe's was resetting a bunch of displays and had some pretty big discounts. 


If it sounds like I'm leaning away from the Kobalt XTR, it's mostly due to Lowe's barely marketing it and their history of flaking out and underpromoting/discontinuing several cordless platforms in the past (Rockwell, for all intents and purposes Porter-Cable, 12v/18v Kobalt, etc.) I'm glad to see they've stuck with the 24v line for the time being and just hope that continues.

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