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Need advice on fixing my Mum's clothes dryer


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I'm not sure what brand it is, she might've said Hotpoint, but her dryer is a fairly simple design and it's begging to have starting problems.  When it's set to go and the start button is pressed the heating element heats up but the bin doesn't turn.  If you open the door and rotate the bin by hand then apparently that loosens it up enough to start when you press the button again.  If you run a second load of clothes after the first it'll start up ok with just the start button, but if left sitting for much time it requires a hand start.  Once it gets going it runs just fine.

I'm hoping this symptom is enough to diagnose what parts going bad and go in to do the swap.  I don't have any experience working on a clothes dryer but I've changed out electric motors and bad capacitors on other equipment so I figure I should be able to get this done.




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Thanks wingless.  Was going to open it up and see what I could figure out but now the thing seems to be working fine.  Mom's used it a lot more often recently so it seems increased use has helped loosen up whatever is causing it.  I'm guessing it'll return to being crank again when the usage goes back to normal.

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