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unique snow blower needs

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I run a marina in southeast Missouri.  One of the biggest things that can hurt our marina is snow/ice build-up on our roofs.  When the snow starts piling up we have to get on the roof and shovel the snow off before it sinks the docks. 

Last year I borrowed a small Toro gas snowblower and it cruised through the snow with ease, however, it only threw the snow about 6', which meant I spent a lot of time blowing snow that I had already blown (if that makes sense).  The other drawback is that the roof is your typical corrugated barn tin, with ridges and sheet metal screws sticking up - the snow blower kept getting snagged on the screws.

I would like to find a lightweight (have to haul it up on a ladder to the roof) snowblower that can deal with uneven surfaces.  I'm no he-man so am hoping for something that weighs around 30-50 lb.  I've been looking at the battery/cordless options and think that's going to be my best bet (unless I can find a gas snowblower that weighs around 30-40 lb).  It would have to be able to throw snow at least 20' to get the snow off the roof.  The uneven surface issue leads me to think I will need a rubber scraper/blade solution.


We have to get the snow off the roof before it gets greater than 3", otherwise our docks start to sink.  This means I don't need a very powerful snow blower.

I welcome any constructive input/suggestions/thoughts/ideas/etc that you would share.

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I have seen guys use this thing with rollers attached to a long pole with a slippery fabric connected. they push the roller up the roof then the snow slides down the fabric onto the ground. It might be an option. Also you could try a power broom. There are handheld options and options that look almost like a snowblower.

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Most snow blower manuals specifically state not to use them on roofs.

But if you are keen on getting a snowblower Snow Joe ION15SB-LT iON is on the top, though I have not used it myself. You could check its specifications and see if it meets your needs.

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