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A Look At The New Metabo Brushless Drill


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That's nice. Lots of features. Thought it was way too long until I noticed the chuck comes off making it a screwdriver and then had a right angle attachment.

Bam! 5.2 ah batteries, that's a huge capacity. Seems like 18v's is becoming the new 36v

With all these advancements in brushless efficient motors and huge battery capacities one day corded tools will be obsolete

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I was just considering a right angle drill or attachment and this seems like a good idea.

You might want to grab one of these: click


I have a DeWalt right angle drill, but there are times even that won't fit where I need to get. That little DeWalt attachment works awesome. In fact I just used it a couple of hours ago. Worth every penny.

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Yeah I was thinking about an adapter because cordless right angle drills are a bit weak. The m12 is 100lbs torque and the m18 ain't much better at 125 lbs.

I like the dewalt adapter but does it have a handle?


Not in the traditional sense. You pretty much just hold the body of it.



Now that I look at this again, I'm not sure how I feel about the torque setting switch on the Metabo. Regardless, Metabo makes good stuff and I wish they had the distribution and service network to make them a more viable option here in the States. 

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