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M18 Oscillating Tool (OMT) blade adapter


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I recently purchased a Milwaukee M18 oscillating tool, and  since this is my fifth OMT and the first cordless one, I rounded all my OMT blades from over the years and see if they all fit on this OMT and I am having trouble with those made by Rockwell, I think they are often referred to as "First generation" or "original" Rockwell blades.  These blades have a 12 sided star shaped mounting hole.




In referring to Milwaukee's own user manual, there is an adapter for it, and I have this adapter.








This is the OMT with the adapter added.  You can tell the adapter is exactly the one in the manual.




I then tried to put some blades on it, and the fitment is poor and loose.






Is the Milwaukee documentation wrong, or is there another adapter for these blades?


Thank you.

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Just a quick follow up, I also contacted Milwaukee's customer support and their reply was the adapter I need is part number 48-03-2526.  This is the adapter I have already, so not sure why they would suggest that to buy an additional wrong adapter.

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So now I am on this back and forth with Milwaukee customer service and I would like some suggestion on how to get to someone on Milwaukee's side that is technical enough to understand my question.


My first inquiry to their customer service / technical support is via their online contact form.  I basically include everything I typed in the first post, with detail explanation and pictures.


The first reply I got back after a few days is to get part number 48-03-2526.


So it appears they did not even read my email carefully. I replied back and said 48-03-2526 is indeed the adapter I have in my hand, and the adapter I showed in the pictures, the adapter that is not working, and the adapter referenced in the user manual whose picture I also included.


The second reply was "can you send us pictures of what you have?"  So I sent in the pictures again, of the OMT, the adapter, the blades I have, and the fitment issue, all of those were in the original inquiry.


The third reply was I need to buy part number 48-90-0000 and that is the adapter I need.  I called around locally and one Ace hardware has it in stock.  I went there and bought it and it didn't even fit on the M18 OMT.  I then did a search and even on Milwaukee's own site it says that the 48-90-0000 "The Milwaukee Multi-Tool Adaptor allows for all Milwaukee Multi-Tool Blades to be used with Porter Cable, Black & Decker, and DeWalt brand multi-tools" so it's designed to allow mounting of Milwaukke brand blades onto other OMTs, not an adapter to fit other brand blades onto the M18 OMT.


I replied back to Milwaukee that this didn't work.  But I guess I cannot rely on Milwaukee's CS to help solve the problem they either didn't understand what I was asking or worse yet didn't care about wasting my time.  I don't know if there is another department like product engineering or whatever that may know the answer but so far Milwaukee hasn't been helpful at all.

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BUMP.  Anyone knows if there is a way to escalate my support request since the general support staff seems not equipped to handle my question (or fully understand what I asked) as they kept asking me for pictures of this and that, information and pictures that were submitted with the initial inquiry.

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