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Does this qualify as a hand tool?


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Picked up a used but in great shape Little Giant "Lunar" 28' extension ladder yesterday. It's supposed to be 25% lighter than similar extension ladders due to the skeletonized fiberglass/resin rails. 

It has some cool features:

- The rope is on the side rather than in the middle where it can tangle with your feet

- It has a double-pulley system which makes raising it a breeze

- It has line hooks and a V-rung as well as red "do not climb" rungs

- A built-in level to help ensure it's at the proper angle

.......Now if I could find a Sumo Stance, I'd be all over it.

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When I was working full time for the utility we had a  rep from little giant come out to show us their stuff. It was very nice then he dropped the price the price on us $850 a pop times 14 trucks. Needless to say we did not get them but they are great ladder

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$850 each? Whaaaaaaaaaaa. Did it come with a truck to put it on? "Little Giant" - Little Ladders With A Giant Price.


It is like anything else when you put industrial in the title and a supplier the price jumps. we could go to HD and buy a DeWalt tool but we had to go through a supplier and the price would jump by 100 bucks or more

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