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Bosch 1590 EVS jigsaw


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My old jigsaw was underwater for a few days so, after letting it dry, found the blade release slider on the front wouldn't go all the way across.  Took it apart and a little piece, a bit over half an inch long, a quarter in diameter with spirals on it, fell out.  I did get the blade free but now the motor just runs but the blade is stationary.  Obviously that piece did something important - any thoughts?

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Maybe part of the exterior of #9 broke off.


Confirm by manually moving the blade up or down on the unplugged tool, then apply power / turn on, to see if it attempts motion until the broken tooth gap is again encountered.


Or, disassemble the tool to see what is up.


It looks like the end of the armature (103) has a gear that turns the spiral cog gear (9) having an eccentric that causes the blade to go up/down.





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Part 13 sitting on the rotor needs to be where the line leads - the channel where back and forth motion would make the blade go up and down.  I did that and the motor runs but no action from the blade.  The broken piece initially felt like a piece of drill bit.  Took it apart and it is a broken piece of the front armature shaft - a $45 (lowest price I found) part so will give it some thought.

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