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NiCad charger P110


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New member - Just purchased the following items (from HD Canada) P191/PBP206 and  PCG002 Charger because my old nicads would only last 2-3 minutes. They were on sale at an excellent price and I read that they would work in my jig saw (P523), my circular saw (P501) and my drill (P206). I am wondering if my old NiCad chargers can charge these batteries? The old charger number is P110, 18V

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Jamis is correct; my father-in-law cursed his Ryobi lithium batteries when they both "failed" a few weeks after he got them.  He got the 2-pack holiday Special Buy but kept using his old charger, ultimately returning them and getting a new Ni-Cad battery for probably the same price as the two.


Fortunately, most of these growing pains should be sorted out by now due to the passage of time.  Ten years ago, as Ni-Cad was being replaced by Li-Ion, it wasn't uncommon to see Ni-Cad only chargers.  Besides Ryobi (who still uses the same battery form), Porter Cable, DeWalt, and I believe Ridgid released Li-Ion kits and batteries with dual-chemistry chargers.  The uninformed (and not a knock against professionals but how many of those who use tools daily really stay informed about the latest technologies?) would simply buy a new battery--often with claims of "more power" or "more runtime"--throw it on their legacy charger, and scratch their heads as to why it wouldn't charge.  I might be wrong, but I'm fairly certain Ryobi discontinued their Ni-Cad packs, while DeWalt stopped producing 18v Li-Ion stem packs shortly after 20v Max was released.


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