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Cool article about the possible SR-71 Successor


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The SR-71 and the A-10 are my favorite.  Well I guess they are all awesome.  That new one looks awesome.  Pretty amazing when the SR-71 was created and the time lag before the general public saw it.  I believe the Stealth was developed in the early 70's and we didn't see it for 20 years until the early 90's  Can only imagine what is being created now.  Well I guess nothing since we ran out of money.  Cool find

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Even worse one of the planes that was used the most in Iraq and Afganistan is going to the bone yard because of money issues and the plane isn't cool enough for the Air Force. If you google about the JSF program and how much of a boondogle it's become its over budget by billions of dollars. The defense industry the one business where being on budget never ever happens and there is no penalty either. We need to support out troops but fancy jet fighters don't really help in wars we have been fighting.

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