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I understand the builders around here who have low trucks and sprinters.


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When I was a small scale landscaper, I just saw any old truck including stylish raised up, hang around the beach vanity trucks with chrome wheels. 

But now that I have expanded into construction and have to load and unload thousands of pounds of drywall and cement as well as the common semi-stationary DeWalt saws, I see why there are sprinters and lower bed trucks. I am older now and not a hobbyist power lifter like I was when I was only 30. I am double that age now like most of the builders I see in town.


Interestingly on the older set I see with licenses. Maybe the lack of younger builders shows the younger millennial kids are lazy, or, or hmm perhaps smarter.

I know that my generation of builders all want their kids to go to college and make money from a desk and not be loading heavy stuff in the dark like me. I am only doing this physical work because my cardiologist implored me to.

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