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a couple of opera sets I'ver built


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That's pretty awesome. I can certainly see where that would give you a different perspective on building. You're bound to have acquired a pretty broad skill set though.

Thanks man,


It's funny. I think about skills a lot and even though I use things a certain way, I can't even carry a conversation with anyone who works on houses or furniture.  I'm totally on the other side of the coin.   Everything I do is unorthodox, never has to deal with the environment only needs to last a few weeks, can be assembled and reassembled elsewhere and is often made up on the spot.


The sad problem is that we rarely do the same thing twice. So we often never get to implement anything we learn from mistakes.


I'm also working on a bunkhouse up at my cottage judging by the workmanship, you'd think I've never picked up a hammer before.

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And if we're talking about my house building abilities.....it ain't pretty.



But here is the bunkhouse that I've been working on (for those of you who build houses, I'm afraid to admit that the location is so remote that there isn't much of a building code. It's part of an unorganized township so other than electrical, you don't a professional.)



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Man that's really cool, I tried building sets in middle school, I helped my dad when I was young and knew a lot about it, it was coming out really nice but a week before the play they kicked me off and said I took to long and they couldn't rehearse on the set unless it was painted. Nobody understands the work that goes into these except the person building. Keep up the good work

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