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New Closet.

Harold Wray

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You know those times when you have to do 5+ things BEFORE you can work on the project(s) you want done.  That's what I'm working on now.  


My goal is to expand and remodel my two bathrooms.  Move a wall so the hall bathroom is wider.  Also take out the closet space to expand the mater bathroom. So to do those things, first I have to have a new closet in different place.


The bedroom next to ours is large so I'm building our new closet into that.   Here are some pictures of the work in progress.



I'm painting today. Then the closet parts (rods, shelves, drawers,etc). It never ends.  Hopefully I will finish soon.


I am nowhere near as fast as Conductor, but I just keep working. 

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Wow that is awesome.  Very nice.  I am the same way.  I hate hiring someone to do something I can do (Well at least I think i can do).  I am trying to find a roofer right now and it's a pain.  Who do you trust, plus I have had four people out and only one gave me a quote.  I would do it, but man that's a big job to leave exposed for that period of time.  Nice job Harold, that's awesome.

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Very nice work Harold. There is nothing wrong with wanting to save some cash. It is the only way to learn. It may not be perfect but if it is something you can live with that is that matters. Look at the skill and the experience you have gain

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Very nice! Like everyone else here is saying, I too hate hiring people to do something I can at least try to do myself.  Saves you a boat load of cash and gives you experience at the same time.  You take your time, you may surprise yourself how nice something comes out in the end.  

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