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Bostitch power tools


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Just took a gander at Walmart today and yes it has the bostitch tools. Nice addition because it never stocked even the Stanley fat max power tools before. Also has some Hitachi power tools. The older pod style battery pack cordless tools. Nicad and lithium versions.

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I used the Bostitch Rec the other day and for $90, its really nice.  It does have an adjustable shoe and the orbital action which works great.  The drill and Impact, I am not a huge fan of.  They will do what they are intended to do.  The grip is nice and I agree, about PC.  Not sure if they are coming off the same line because you can see a lot of the same things between the two.  No fuel status for the batteries, plus as of now, these are the only two cordless tools in the line.  Impact is pretty slow or at least it seems slow.  I am not sure if I would compare them to Ridgid, I think more Kobalt.  

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You know Conductor, I have had my Milwaukee M18 Sawzall and that is honestly the only Milwaukee tool I own that I don't like. I never should've bought it. No adjustable shoe, sealed like you said and it sucks juice so quick the battery kibbies out in just a few short minutes. The batteries are fine so it has to be the tool. I had an adjustable Ridgid Recip that had orbital and everything but I HAD to change. Chuckle head...

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