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Why Didn't Any High Voltage Impact Drivers Get Released?


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Just having a late night insomniac moment but was just thinking about the 28 and 36 volt tool lines and did a quick Google search they released impact wrenches and other construction tools but never a 1/4 inch impact driver. Any Idea why they never did release one on any of the brands sold in the USA? They might have done it over Europe and released one. The only thing that came close was the Rigid max select line they did have a impact driver but it ran on either 18v or 24v packs and it was only around for a short time maybe less than a year.I know weight was probably a consideration but you would like to keep to one battery platform for most of your main tools. The only time I might consider another brands tool is if my main brand does not offer the tool or its just a bad tool. Anyhow its hard to make sense of what's going on with 36/28v tools Makia seems to be the most active at the moment with their adapter too double 2 18v packs and promoting some tools with it.

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