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Any one have experiance in graffiti removal?


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A friend of mine has a house with a brick wall around her property and some teenagers tagged the brick. It's older brick so its pretty fragile at this point they have tried pressure washers but they were damaging the brick. and tried one commercial graffiti remover you can get at a big box store but haven't had too much luck yet. I was wondering if you guys had any tips and tricks regarding removal. I looked online and saw some good products online impressive Youtube videos. I just would prefer someones first hand knowledge.


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Not sure how to fix but I got an awesome idea for how to deter and prank the "artists" at the same time. After you clean the graffiti, Coat the whole wall with neverwet and then spotlight the wall for night time and add a security camera pointed at the wall. The camera will not deter the artists but it will catch their epic fail as their spray paint just melts off the wall when they spray. YouTube the recording for all to see. The artist will be to embarrassed to try again

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Well the problem is painting would require painting the entire wall to have it look decent and its a fairly long wall to paint,so your covering a lot of square feet on a wall that wraps around her property I would guess its about 100 feet long or more and 4 ft high the cost in paint would add up quick. The other problem is the brick matches the patio and house. A neutral tan color wouldn't be horrible as its a tan multicolor brick that they used on everything. It's also really too late to do exterior paint in Michigan it's dropping below freezing most of the time.This was some teenagers acting like assholes, so the mural Idea wouldn't go over well with the city or neighbors. I did suggest she looks at putting up a few security cameras around so she can bust them and hold the kids parents responsible. It just happened at the worst time she is going through a difficult divorce at first when she mentioned getting tagged it though it was the ex, but it's mostly yolo, save the tata's and penises you would figure he would say other things. I pretty much said try one more thing if that fails to work put an insurance claim in and get the pro's involved.

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