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New DeWalt Flextorq Bits


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I had a bad experience with the Milwaukee bits like this....I hope they have gotten better over the years, I like my solid DeWalt impact ready bits, I am thinking of trying the Makita Gold's due to the good reviews it has gotten.

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Same here don. I used to like the Milwaukee bits. But after using solid dewalt impact ready bits. The Milwaukee bits go bye bye. The dewalt impact bits are really 10times stronger than standard bits to me and I said 5times stronger than the milwaukee. But like dr99 said $40 is way too much for bits that might get lost or somehow went missing tho. But good new is since the new dewalt impact ready bits are foming out. The old dewalt impact bits price is going to drop;)

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The Makita bits are very nice, you can buy a $19 kit that comes with a nifty pop up  bit holder and a magnetic tip...The green outer sleeve portion of the tip tends to fall of though so my personal recommendation is just purchasing the bits and skip the set.

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I've been using the new Flex Torq bits and love them. The Phillips #2 bits are nice because they fit a #2 head great but they also fit #3 heads and the white plastic screw in drywall anchors which normally take a #3 phillips bit.

I haven't beat on them so can't speak to their durability, but as of right now, they're my go-to bits.

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