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Please say tell me that this is not real.


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Maybe it’s me? Are people really that dumb? Today I was getting ready to leave my sons house and he ask me if I have ever watched renovation realities.  Before I could say, no it was on and I could not stop watching.  It was like watching a train wreck. You don't want to look but you can't stop yourself. I watched a couple with no building experience try to reno their bathroom a total gut.


We took a week off from work and we have to get this done because it is our only bathroom. We have watched plenty of do it yourself shows how hard can it be.

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As a weekend warrior and NOT a contractor, I find myself scratching my head and laughing my tail off. You have to wonder if some of it is scripted but it looks like they leave handi-cams all over the place. Regardless, I'd tell DIY to kiss my lily white New England A$& if they wanted to watch me work. Like the song says "what a long strange trip". I'd rather just have them show up when it's done and not see my AFLAC reimbursement check :)

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Most people have no concept of what it takes to do most of this work yourself. They watch DIY shows and say "man, they did that whole house in a week for $X,XXX. Surely we could do it in 2 weeks with a similar budget". 


The key parts they miss:


1. It was done in a week with an entire crew of professionals who worked day and night to get it done in that amount of time


2. Massive amounts of money were saved because said professionals were equipped with years of know how to built their own cabinets, shelves, etc, from materials that were purchased at cost and the expensive equipment and tools to accomplish this.


3. DIY shows depict only the basic steps of the project and, due to time constraints, fail to show many of the steps one might realistically encounter during the project. 


Nothing like gutting your kitchen/bathroom down to the studs and realizing you don't have a shitting clue how to put it back together. 

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