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DeWalt Workwear


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This is a power tools sub-forum, so I'll start with this question.  Who owns DeWalt heated gear?  I found a heated jacket in the now-closed Savannah, GA mall years ago, but it was a 2XL.  It came with a 12v Max battery and an adapter very similar to my USB charger.  Due mostly to convenience as they are available at The Home Depot, I own two Milwaukee heated hoodies (one since appropriated by my wife) and the softshell jacket.  I like the fact that the DeWalt gear can use 12v or 20v batteries, but I've used my 18v Bosch USB adapters to power the M12 jackets.


Among my daily wear items are some with DeWalt branding.  The Columbus, GA Sears closed in 2017, and as usual the liquidation company jacked up prices before reducing them, causing the uninformed to go crazy buying those "50% Off" items for the same price they always sold for.  I ventured into the store, perused and quickly left the tool section, then for some reason checked out the shoe section, finding DeWalt safety footwear.  I ended up coming home with a pair of Baltimore steel toe work boots and three pairs of Wrench composite toe work shoes for a little over $100 total.  Since then, the Baltimore boots have been worn relatively little, but the Wrench shoes are worn almost daily.  One pair is heavily worn and the toe is held on with hot glue, another pair has seen decent wear, and the third pair is still new in the box, waiting for its turn.  Unfortunately, DeWalt seems to have discontinued these, despite them still being on the website.  I'd gladly pay full retail for another pair when these three are completely worn out.  They are a bit bulkier than a regular running shoe but they are extremely comfortable.  One other daily wear item for not only me but the family in general are the socks from this cotton boot socks and ball cap combo.  I picked up a couple from Tractor Supply about five years ago, then when Lowe's started selling them on occasion, I went overboard buying more.  I swear that I keep finding new sock/cap combos, as I grabbed a bucket and filled it up at least twice over the past few years.  These socks are my mainstays not only for working and around the house, but also for my combat boots and running shoes when in uniform (though technically out of regulation).  I probably have at least six of the caps floating around, having been worn a few times, then either washed or forgotten about.  Of course, I've given away a few of the caps as well.


DeWalt makes a variety of different workwear, but around here the Milwaukee gear is much more visible due to its presence in The Home Depot.  Besides the jackets I have a few of the insulated caps and some gloves, both insulated and not.  Sears was the best place to find DeWalt clothing and accessories before its almost complete demise, however, now it seems that online retailers are the best source.  

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I bought one of DeWALT's heated jacket for a friend on Amazon US and it was amazing, it came with 20V battery though, not 12V, a charger and a USB charger looking adapter, It was 100% cotton which I always look for. DeWALT in US makes more 100% cotton work wear and all synthetic ones are left for Europe :)))) That is why I have given up from DeWALT in work wear and I did some research for a while a few years ago and I found out about two Swedish brands that are professional in work wear only. First one is called Blaklader and the second one is called Jobman. They have a huge range of work wear even for pregnant ladies. Blaklader boots are amazing, DeWALT ones are nothing compared to theirs. 3 times more heavy duty than DeWALT ones I would say, they are a bit expensive, what I did was I caught them mostly on extreme discount on amazon as add-on items and bought a few of them so I have them for long time. I would recommend you try these two brands first before you buy any DeWALT work wear if you have not tried them at all. They do not make heated work wear. 


I remember there was a brand was making work boots which were battery operated, they were heated boots in winter and cooled boots in summer, but they discontinued it I think. I will send you photos if I find them or links. 

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I'll have to check out Blaklader, but outside of safety toed shoes, I think I'm set on boots.  I still have a few pairs of new mountain boots along with probably two dozen various black, coyote brown, and tan boots  of various designs.  Same with cold weather and work clothing to an extent.  I'll probably get some more Duluth Firehose Flex pants, but military uniform pants are very common on jobsites over here, and the flame resistant OEF-CP ACU pants are extremely comfortable on the jobsite.


Those heated cooled boots look...interesting.  It doesn't get overly cold in my part of the world (at the height of winter it may drop to around 15 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill).  In my experience, dry boots are everything in the cold, and the last thing you want is for your feet to start sweating.  At the same time, once your feet (and extremities in general) start getting cold, it's hard to warm them back up.  I bypassed the heater core on my truck a few years ago and recently had to make a late-night trip in 20 degree weather.  Let's just say that it wasn't exactly fun.

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