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Check around the site, and you'll find a lot of varying opinions.  Here in the US, I think that most would argue that either DeWalt or Milwaukee are the "best" brand, with a strong subset of tool users preferring Makita or Bosch.  MetaboHPT is also a very good brand but seems to lack the cult following of the other four.  Other widely available cordless brands in the US include Craftsman, Porter Cable, Kobalt, Skil, Flex, Ryobi, and Ridgid.  Of those seven, the ones I see most often on jobsites are Ryobi tools.  


I can't honestly choose one brand.  I like DeWalt's ergonomics and looks, Milwaukee's power, and Ryobi's low cost.  

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It depends on so many factors.


You live in Australia, so not all brands are active in all countries equally, you have to do a research about this locally to see which brands are available or easily available there. In UK DeWALT and Makita are more active, Makita has a manufacturing plant in UK, that might be a reason explaining Makita's presence in UK more than Milwaukee, I know in US DeWALT and Milwaukee are more used and available. In EU Metabo and its CAS brands are well known and used also and not in US. This can effect the warranty also, I remember ages ago when DeWALT corded tools had 3 years warranty in US, here in UK only their cordless tools had 3 years warranty and their corded tools only one year! See which brand offers more warranty compared to others, some brands offer 3 years warranty in batteries as well, some only two years and mostly one year only. 


Then you should consider what type of work(s) you do or you want to do additionally in the future. This is important to analyze carefully before you buy any tool as the best is to have all tools in one battery platform to avoid buying more batteries and chargers, also managing more chargers and batteries at work can be bit stressful if the space is limited. 


Also you should consider the level of your work and buy tools accordingly, how much you pay for a tool you get result according to what you have paid. I mean if you do or aim to do fine wood working you better go for brands like Festool, Mafell or Lamello. If you want to do only plumbing then I would say Rems (Extra heavy duty and all made in Germany) and Rothenberger. If you need SDS+ or SDS Max drills DeWALT is a good option. 


So at the end I would say you better tell us more about yourself, your work and plans so we can tell you more precisely what to buy. 

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