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Heated clothing


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I have the first gen jacket and I would assume the hoodie uses the same heating system as the original jacket as it has the same heat zones and the same non USB battery holder. The jacket heats well. Heat is only effective if the clothing is making good contact with your chest and back so make sure to buy the correct size. Won't do you any good if it's loose on you. High heat is good but the medium and low settings are hardly noticeable. Those are best if you are doing some manual labor which supplements your own body heat.

I know you were expecting info on a hoodie but I hope this helps to some degree.

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High heat is supposed to last about 2 hours on a red lithium battery. Although I haven't timed it on the high setting I would say it's around 2 hours more or less. 2 hours ain't that long. As far as fitment, maybe the website you buy from has a sizing chart. I know the site I bought mine had it and so does the Milwaukee site but not sure about the hoodie.

That's the sucky part about ordering clothes online is that you can't try it before you buy.

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I have the gray hoodie and really like.  I normally wear an extra large and this is a tad big, but I like it that way.  For me I am going to wear the hoodie under a jacket or have an extra layer of cloths on, so it will fit better.  The quality of the hoodie is awesome, not a cheap sweatshirt.  Biggest plus is you can machine was these, unlike the jackets.  I can't say i have used the heat a lot.  I am in Chicago and it has been pretty warm around 30"s.  I used the heat a couple times and did a nice job.  Doesn't seem like it gets as hot as the jackets or stay as warm, but I wouldn't expect that with a sweatshirt.  

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I am wearing one right now. A red one. I wear a large and it fits like any other large hoodie does. I also have a jacket, 2nd gen with pocket warmers. I noticed the battery holder between the two is different. That jacket has a USB port and battery gauge, the hoodie doesn't. Both products are great.

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