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BMI tape measure (no, not Body Mass Index)...


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Since there aren't enough tape measure threads already (haha), this is the German-made BMI 3m/10ft tape. 


Depress the lever and the tape extends outward on its own. If the tape is supported (ie, the tape is on a long enough bench), it will extend out the entire 10'. Pretty cool. If it's unsupported (ie, if you just hold it in the air and press the lever), it will extend out about 5' and then fold due to the weight of the blade.


The dimensions are on what would normally be the back of a regular tape measure blade - the convex side.


Depress the lever and manually push the blade in by hand to retract it.


Includes a handy little belt clip which works really well. The tape clips on and off very easily.


It isn't perfect for every measuring job, but for hanging signs, vinyl, etc., it will work pretty well for some aspects of my business.



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Yeah you have to lie the Germans. Masters of innovation (yeah yeah yeah I'm a Festool Snob). The story of this is really cool. When the nazi's were getting they're butts kicked by the Allied forces and those crazy Reds! They were trapped in their bunkers so....they needed a tape measure to measure things under ground and over head so they could escape. Actually I have no idea what I'm talking about. But I do have a bridge to sell ya! Pretty slick tool though

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