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Peak Auction


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Has anyone had the chance to attend  Peak Building supply auction. They roll in too Baltimore 4 times a year. I went to the preview to day. They had 10 of the rolling Husky tool chest the you see in the TIA videos.


If you ever get a chance to attend one you should check it out. Last March I picked up $4,000 worth of Trex for $450 to redo my deck at my house. Check out the wed site they have some photos and list on what will hit the Auction Block Saturday.



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The tool chest went for $150.00 / $175.00 each the frist two went for $175.00 the rest $150 each.


I picked up 18 pieces of Trex Transcend Fascia 5/8" x 12" x 12' for the deck around my pool $105.00 retail cost would have been $2,016

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Might have to take a road trip.


Sat. March 15, 2014

St. Charles, IL

Kane County Fairgrounds


I have really gotten some great deals at the auction but you have to know what you are bidding on. Do your research; go to the preview to see what they got then start checking retail and wholesale prices. Do not forget they have a Buyer’s Premium 10% for cash and debit cards 13% for credit cards here in Maryland they have to charge sales tax also. I have been going to this for 13 years now and the biggest problem I have people get to caught up in it. They start the bid to high Let the auctioneer bring it down to their lowest price then throw out a bid a few bucks lower to get the ball rolling then you have the ones that really need that item and pay more then retail .

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