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Hello from Aurora IL


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Hey all,


I just found this forum after I came across the Tools in Action youtube channel recently. I'm 34 years old, living in Aurora, IL with my wife and 9 month old son. I work as a mobile app developer, but I grew up around tools. My dad was always fixing or building something. Since finishing school I've been a lot more into technology than tools but I'm getting the urge to start building and fixing more things lately.


When we had our son earlier this year I did a modest remodel on his room: paint, carpet, new trim, chair rail, closet. I think it went well enough that my wife will let me do more projects around the house now, and I may eventually want to get into a bit of woodworking to build some shelves and cabinets for us and family/friends.


So I'm starting to replace all the hand-me-down and bargain bin tools I've got so far with ones that will hold up better as I do more projects. I think next we're going to rip up the carpet and put down hardwood or laminate in our main living room, so I'm checking out various saws and multi-tools for that job. Leaning toward the Milwaukee m18 line if the wife won't kill me for spending that much! The TIA videos really helped me get a good feel for what the current state of tools is; I'm still going through watching all the old ones to try and learn more.


Love this site, thanks Eric and Dan for putting it all together!

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Welcome aboard! It's the first tool purchase that's the most expensive after you have a few batteries you can add on with purchasing just the bare tool which is considerably cheaper. Also check out Refurbished tools they have some crazy deals at CPO Milwaukee at times.

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Hello, now i know who to ask for help with my JAVA homework.

It's hard to spend a few hundred for a drill & driver, but once you do... You will be happy. And remember, when you buy a tool like the Milwaukee M18 ... Your buying a tool that last a long time. I had a cheap Craftsmen drill that "got me by" for awhile, but when I picked up my Milwaukee M18 hammer drill and driver, It was so much fun to use, I found myself building more!

I do odd jobs on the side, everything from CCTV installs to woodworking. I often use the money from the jobs to buy a new tool. I'm sure that once word gets out how handy you are, a friend or famly member will take advantage of your skills. Wife's seem to nag less about buying tools when the tools make money. :)

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Welcome! Do you happen to have any before/after pictures of the bedroom project??  And you wont regret going with the M18, I love mine.


I will have to dig them off the wife's computer this weekend, but I should have a few somewhere. I'll post in the projects section when I find them!

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