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Need RO sander maybe Makita?


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Need a new 5” RO sander.Really liked my old low profile PorterCable 390K. But they do not last.


So now trying to decide on the Makita BO5041K or the BO5031K.

All the others I have had in the past did not have the handles like on the BO5041. Looks like a good idea, but don't want to regret it later.

Is it something I will get used to and like? Or should I stick with the Makita 5031K which is more like what I have been used to for the past 20 years..

Has anybody tried one? Is there any case where you did not like the extra handles?




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Wish I could chime in, but never tried one with a handle like that.  I have a bosch like the 5031K and love it.  Maybe I am just use to it, but its comfortable and easy to move around.  I would think the BO5041K might be nice, but not sure if it has an on/off switch or you have to use the trigger. If its a trigger, it might be a pain after a while or at least that's what i would think because it would seem like you would have to use two hands all the time.  These sanders seem small enough where you can easily move them around with one hand.  I would think with the BO5041K you might have a tendency to be pushing down all the time since you have that hand resting on the front which might cause a 3.0 amp motor to stall.  I am probably wrong about this, so just do the opposite and you'll be fine.

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I have the BO5031K and I'm happy with it. It's an occasional user. The extended handles on the 5041 are nice, but understand that they will significantly limit use on certain projects. If you have a 1/4 sheet sander to use in tandem, it shouldn't be a concern though.


Makita's electric offerings are still nice quality, but I'd avoid their cordless offerings until they get their shit together.

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