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DW716 issues Type 20


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I recently bought a Dw716 saw. The LED light attachment will not fit this saw.  I loved the light on a loaner saw I had. They have deleted the removable handle insert where the LED light attaches. Does anyone know if I buy Parts from say a type 1 or 2 and replace them in my type 20. I can install this LED light.

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I have that same miter saw, did you buy the correct LED attachment? Its supposed to be a DWS7085 miter saw LED work light system attachment




it fits type 1-4 including your type 20


also its supposed to be hardwired into your miter saw, it doesn't simply plug in, you have to follow the instructions included with your LED attachment

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DW716 Types 1 -4, it says on the dewalt site. and I do not have the removable part to attach the LED light, Type 20 is the new model and they have deleted this.

From Dewalt rep
The DW716 Mitre Saw that you bought recently is a new model that no longer accepts the laser attachment. This change happened over the last eight months or so

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Wow that sucks, thats just too bad dewalt removed a feature on this model as the ability to add the led or laser light was a good feature. I like dewalt and their tools are great but I just don't like the direction they are headed lately especially with decisions like this. I'm still pretty upset that they don't include standard accessories like a clamp and extensions. Not too long ago I installed some trim and the 45 degree cuts on quarter round molding came out a bit round because I couldn't clamp down the piece. Had to waste extra time prepping the corners 


Anyways hopefully I didn't spoil your new purchase.


Seems like a whole lot of extra work and money to go through to order parts from older dw716's to transplant to your new saw to make it work. It might not even fit without custom modification, all which will no doubt void the warranty. I would suggest returning the saw you have and buying another saw that is compatible with the led light or just step up to the dsw780 as it comes with the led light built in.

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