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Tis The Season


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.... to go out looking for gifts to give to others, but end up coming home with a truck load of crap you found on sale for yourself!  I found some incredible deals out there while Christmas shopping. Picked up my Milwaukee m18 hammer drill/impact driver set.  Just bought a new toaster oven yesterday from sears originally $60 got it for $12!! 


So, tools or any other deals out there. Lets hear those selfish gifts you treated yourself to this holiday season!!

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Christmas puts a tool buyer between a rock and a hard place. You're supposed to be buying shit for others, but the deals are so damn good you just can't help buy some stuff for yourself.

The cyber Monday sale @ Zoro Tools gets me for $300-$400 every year. Proto and Blackhawk shit 30-40%? What am I supposed to do, not buy it? :lol:

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Just went to the mall to finish off my last minute Christmas shopping. Happened to be a Harbor Freight right in the shopping center, coincidence? If my fiance asks, then the answer is yes it was.  I picked up myself a HF multi tool.  I know its probably crap compared to the big boy brands but its on sale for 19.99 how can I say no? Selfish Christmas gift to self #3

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That was actually my first multi tool. It's pretty good for the price. Hopefully yours isn't a dud as most of my purchases from there have been. I bought two because the first one was defective, ended up dying on me in the first 2 hours of use in which the tool over heated badly. I took it back and the second one I got finished the job and seemed fine but ended up returning it because wanted a cordless model.

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