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Milwaukee M12 jig saw or hackzall


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For me, I would go with the hackzall as its great at cutting a variety of materials and its portability is great. It can get in more places than a jigsaw would but at the cost of precision. But it all really depends on what you will be using them more for. If you need something to cut details and shapes go for the jigsaw.


Another suggestion might be a multitool as its great for plunge cuts and as added benefits can do much more than cutting such as sanding and scraping. Try cutting the bottom of door jambs for flooring with a reciprocation saw or jigsaw and you will see why a multitool is so great. But the downfall of multitools is the blades are expensive and slow at cutting. I wouldn't use a multi tool to cut 2x4's


Like I said, it all really depends on what you will be using them for and even then, each one of these tools is not a do it all solution.

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+1 for the hackzall, but it is in dire need of a fuel update!

Fuel Snob! :lol:

But seriously, the M12 Jig is an awesome little machine. I got it the week it came out and can't say enough good things about it.

I don't have the Hackzall, but I can tell you that during my home remodel I said at least 10 times that I wish I did.

As others have said, it's all about your intended use. If you do more woodworking I'd suggest the jig, but otherwise the Hackzall is a lot more versatile.

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You're comparing apples to oranges. I use my hackzall for tons of things. Its a great little tool and with the scroll blades that a lot of people sell it can do a lot of things that you would normally do with a jigsaw.


Don't get me wrong for certain things like round cuts a jigsaw is the way to go. The hackzall is a great all around tool.

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