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Anybody know where to get this 9 ply baltic birch (picture)?

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I'm trying to find this 9 ply, what I believe to be 3/4" baltic birch plywood but I'm not sure where it's sold. I usually go to Lowe's since it's closer but HD is here as well. The 1/2" bb plywood from Lowe's is 7 layers, the same thickness as in the picture. Their 3/4" bb is 7 layers as well, just thicker layers.  I don't need a lot.  Cost might suck some but I could see paying for shipping 2 1/4 sheets of this kind of bb if I had to.

Would the bb plywood HD carries be any different? Is this higher ply plywood referred to by a particular name?




plywood plies.jpg

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Thanks for the link.  Definitely appreciate the nice close up pictures of the edge.  Went to a higher end dealer today and they ended up having 3/4" that was 11, if not 13 ply.  Only problem was I need the plies to alternate in color and all their 3/4" had two of the dark layers together, making them useless for me.  We'll have to see what their next batch looks like.  Their 5?8 had the right alternating colors and thin layers so I ended up with a 60x60 sheet of that.  After a charge of freaking $13 for a cut down the middle the total was right around $120.  Guess I'll just have to get used to the price.  Maybe I should feel lucky I don't have to pay shipping. 

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