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A "well used" wood handle hammer for Dan


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I just watched the video on Estwing hammers, and since Dan mentioned how much he loves wood handled hammers I thought I post a pic of this old hammer I got from my father-in-law several years ago. The head has at least a quarter inch of play on it at this point, needless to say I don't use this one much for nailing any more!


This should probably head to the great toolbox in the sky, but I have a hard time throwing it out. Does anyone else have old, worn tools that you just can't bring yourself to get rid of? (I've got an old B&D corded drill too that is peeking in at the bottom too)



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Great idea for a thread. I've got a couple old items that were my Grandpa's that are well past their prime, but given where they came from I just can't throw them out.

They're in deep storage at the moment, but I'll try and snap some pics tonight.

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I have some of my great grandpas tools and they are like what conductor said, past their prime, but they have meaning to me. Their was an old estwing claw hammer that was his that I have. It is in better shape than threeve's one. The handle is wooden but is painted blue.

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