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Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor


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Well I didn't win the ultimate tool bag giveaway, so I'll have to buy my own compressor. I have my eye on the Makita Mac2400 $299 Home Depot with free shipping.

Ingersoll Rand has a 4-Gal. Portable Twin Tank Electric Air Compressor for the same price. I'm still about $50 short so I have time to mull it over.

Which do you guys prefer/ have experience with?

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I'd stay away from IR's small compressors. I was looking at a 5 HP 60 gal. @ Tractor Supply and found out they feature Chinese motors and Indian built pumps and had lots of complaints if pump failures. Believe it or not the Harbor Freight model featured a Century motor and Italian pump. Must better quality than the IR I looked at. IR's industrial compressors are top notch, but their small compressors are cheap shit with a big name stuck on them.

I can't swear the model you're looking at is the same way, but I'd do my homework first.

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It's kinda ironic that last night after I read this I logged onto another forum that focuses primarily on vintage hand tools and saw a guy bitching that his brand new IR (the one I looked at from Tractor Supply) had leaks in the tank from the factory. I've always had great luck with IR stuff, but I hate seeing a quality company lend their name to junk.

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