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A new helper.


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My wife works at the local community college and one of the professors invited us to party late night. While there, the professor’s son asked me if I needed a helper this summer. I know that he is going to school to be and architect so I asked if he has every worked in construction. The answer “NO.”


Now I have a bathroom tear out and convert it to a laundry room that I’m going to start tomorrow. I told him that since you are out of school for a few weeks I could use him now. He said ok. Then I proceed to tell him ok you can meet me at my house at 6 or the job at 6:30 pack a lunch and something to drink and to wear boots and not tennis shoes. All he keep asking is “you start that late in the day and you bring your lunch” his father started to laugh when I said No in the AM and if you are late don’t bother coming at all. This should be an interesting day wish me luck or pray for me.

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My buddy tried to help out his brother in law. He was doing traffic signal stuff, hired the kid to sit next to a box (traffic controller) and watch the workers. Paid him $50 per hour to sit there. The kid left after about 20 min, said he wasn't a dog, can't tell him to sit and stay...

Retard just had to sit on his ass for $50 an hour and couldn't manage.

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The alarm went off at 4:45 this morning and the first this I hear, give the kid a chance. I look over at the wife with my what are you talking about look. You know what I mean. You always go on about nobody wants to get in to the trades so give him a chance.


 My answer we’ll see. 5:45am he is knocking on my door cooler in hand and ready to work.


While driving to the job I ask him how much he thinks I should pay him, his answer my dad told me I should be paying you. “I like this kid”


We get to the job, we get setup, and I start to talk to him. I know that you have none to very little experience in construction so let me tell you my number one rule. ASK QUESTIONS if you don’t understand what I’m ask you to do or don’t know how to do what I’m asking ASK ME. You would rather have me think you are stupid then to remove all the doubt.


Besides answering a million questions and not getting the amount of work done that I wanted to be done, this kid worked his ass off never gave me a hard time about anything.


While driving home I asked him if he wanted to work Tuesday and without any hesitation, he said yes. You don’t even know what we will be doing or what I’m paying you. His answer I don’t care I’m learning something that I really can use.

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Good for you Regopit. Your doing something good. The one thing I love about my job more than anything else is taking the time to educate somebody new on the job...the right way on how to do things and how to enjoy what is seemingly a non enjoyable job. After being in my career for as long as I have been it helps me to see the good out there in the eyes of someone new to it.

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