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Great awards video guys !!!


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I can't comment on YouTube for some reason, so just wanted to let you guys know I really enjoyed it and didn't even fall asleep lol jk. Next year maybe have a overall best 18-20 volt cordless tool award(cordless tool of the year award), to the one tool you thought the most of, of all the categories, just a thought.

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Well I have seen from other places that we are too pro Milwaukee over here at TIA. The other tool companies didn't put out anything crazy Bosch and Makita were absent for most of the year, and we still, haven't seen the Bosch brushless stuff yet!

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How is Makita a lost cause? I don't use them but see them on jobsites all the time

Makita let their cordless line slip a bit over the last 2-3 years. They were once a market leader and set many trends. They created the first cordless line, were the first to use Lithium packs, and were using Nimh packs when everyone else was stuck on NiCad, but in recent times it's been a different story. They have been miserably slow in releasing new tools, their 12V line has been a joke, they're the only one of the big 4 without a fuel guage (though the patented one 2 years ago) and their 18V packs have become somewhat synonymous with early failures. In short, quality control issues and lack of product expansion has placed Makita behind the pack, and that's unusual for them.

As far as their corded tools go, I have no issue with them and own several. Their cordless line needs some attention though.

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