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What kind of unholy thread is this!


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I'm setting up some pneumatic lines and I've come across a thread size I haven't seen before in quick disconnect fittings; and because I haven't gotten a grasp yet of how odd pipe sizes work I thought I should ask before I started ordering random parts, which is my usual MO.


I need a fitting that fits the thread in the first picture and plugs into my regular quick connect air hoses.  The part (for comparison) underlined in red is labeled a 1/4" male connector by the kit it came in, and although it looks like it'd fit the hole it doesn't.  So, does that make the one that does something like a 1/8"?  I'm not even sure if quick connect fittings come with that size thread.  Everything that comes up when I search for 1/8" is a push to connect fitting.


I know I could just put a hose over the barb, clamp and call it a day.  But that still requires getting more parts, and if possible I'd rather have it fit into what I've already got.





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