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Klein Tools 25' Steel Fish Tape


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This weekend I was doing a side job mounting a LCD TV. I had to run a new power outlet and pull the HDMI cable sideways through the wall. (Mounted above a fireplace). Being the genius I am, I had left my 100' fish at home. No problem, I had to go to Home Depot anyway so I picked up the Klein Tools 25 Foot Fish Tape



I decided on this tape because of three reasons.

1) I trust Klein Tools. They have worked for me and I know they make great hand tools. Most of their stuff is made in the USA, although some products are still made in China, Klein is at least making an effort to produce more USA branded tools.

2)Size. I didn't need another 100' Fish so the small 25' is perfect. It's small size makes it easier to work with when pulling shorter runs. It's about 1/4 the size of a normal Fish... As is expected at 1/4 the length.

3)Price. $11.86 is a great value for this tool. It's cheap enough my profit was still reasonable.

The Good: the tool feels great. It performs as expected and doesn't bind. Feeding the Fish is simple and winding is easy. Really a smooth tool with good texture.

The Bad: damn tip has a plastic tang that's about twice as wide as the steel tape. I found it difficult to feed the tape through small holes. Also the tip does not remove. To be fair, this is not a big deal. I will eventually end up cutting the tang off, and folding the tape back on itself. Still, it would of been nice if Klein already did that, tack welding the double back tape for strength.

Overall I like this tool. It's a great addition to my fish tape collection and would make for a great companion tape to any professionals set. I would encourage homeowners buy this tool. 25' is a good amount and the small size means storage is easy.

My finished install turned out great:


Almost made in USA


Almost fits in the palm of my hand


Almost perfect (too big a tang)


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I use the same tape and have come to like the plastic tip. I often use mine like a glow rod in walls (not necessarily in conduit) and if I have to pull back on it for any reason the plastic tip does not get snagged on anything.  I like the plastic tip so much that when it broke off I super glued it back together.


I use mine for TV installs all the time!

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I have the 50ft version is actually the exact same demension just heavier.  It doesnt roll in as smoothly as the 25 because its the same size case and the steel tape is really stuffed in there.  But I use it all the time as a professional electrician when I have short runs and dont wanna grab a big tape out the truck its fits nicely in my veto.

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