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just got the keys to my first house..


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Anything like a support beam if you don't have carpentry experience should be left to a professional. You could do a lot of damage if you don't support while you replace the beam. It's not just as simple as cut the bad out and put a new one in. If its a rafter you can just sister a new board next to it. You could do something like this.


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It all depends on what you are calling a Beam. Is it a really a Support Beam or is it a Floor Joist or a Roof Rafter. Do you have a dimensional size of it or a picture of it I can tell what you are working with. If it is a support beam and you under size it or remove or install it wrong your attic could be in your basement.  

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Congrats Frankie and welcome to the forum! Owning your own home is a really big deal. Hopefully in the near future when our Government gets their heads out of their butts, the market will turn and that investment will pay off in more ways than one

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