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My Milwaukee collection


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The drill doesn't look used at all.


I have not used the hammer drill as of yet. I have a DeWalt 18V compact that I used all the time or my DeWalt 12v Drill.  I use the SD rotary drill for concrete or I have a larger Hilti rotary drill.


Looks great, How do you like the right angle drill? Im have been thinking about getting one for those rare but very useful conditions. 


I like it a lot. It is nice to have to get into places a regular drill will not fit

Nice, what's going to happen to your dewalt cordless tools?


I have 3 Boys that have their eyes on them.


Looks nice Reg.


Thanks Redsionnach

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Nice display Dwain. I can't keep power tools out in the open with Conductor Jr. running around.


i know the feeling! my boy is always wanting to play with a drill. its the only reason i haven't sold my 10.8v drill yet!

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Color-wise I thought I would care less, but I actually think it's not a bad color to stare at, looks really nice and isn't obnoxious. I don't have a preference though, as long as they work they could be pink and lavender and I wouldn't care. Build-wise, the "green" tools do seem to run better than the "blue", and they're definitely lighter and easier to work with.



Tool colors: Dewalt yellow always grabs me, always liked the yellow.

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I can't believe how big the old Ryobi drills were they are effing huge a current fullsize drill will look compact next to that. I do love my Milwaukee Fuel stuff, but my ryobi stuff did fine for years. Their cordless cutting tools could use some more power the circular saw is a weak link in the lineup. I think they could do more except they are limited by the tools being backwards compatible, but that's the selling point of Ryobi tools.

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Two biggest selling points to me are 1. Ryobi has always been a strong performer for me, and 2. Every tool and every battery is compatible with each other. Price plays a factor but if Ryobi didn't perform for me I'd be using something else, regardless of price. The photo is a bit deceptive, the "blue" tools have the larger NiCads on them, which makes them look bigger in the photo. The "blue" drills are bigger, but not by much, compared to the "green". Side-by-side the "blue" is bigger but not by much. The thing that makes the newer tools feel lighter and feel nicer in the hand is the lighter battery. The NiCads weight a ton, and the Lithiums feel like you're holding air

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