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Some recent stuff....kitchen drawers, office drawer organizers, palette coffee table, and my garage work area.


Added these to the cabinet, makes life a hell of a lot easier when working in the kitchen...


And my garage work area (linked to save you from 6 bajillion photos), which I'm constantly tinkering around revamping. I think I'm done for now though, got everything organized pretty good, got my tools where I want them. There's a lot of info to give on the garage transformation if anybody is interested in what's going on in the photos just ask.
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Nice work, if you like working with pallets you should check this guy out http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBB7sYb14uBtk8UqSQYc9-w



I don't have any problems thinking of stuff do do, all the wood I get is from palettes, so it's what I use for anything that requires wood. The coffee table was easy, slice the palette into three pieces, stack them on top of each other, flip the bottom one over so the gap is bigger. It's so easy a caveman could do it. If he had power tools. :)


The handcuffs are just leftovers from a previous line of work. They sit in the drawer, sometimes I take them out and ratchet them just to hear the "click click click"...of course I do the same thing with my tools, go out in the garage and hit the trigger on the power tools, just to hear them kick on. Or my knives, sit there hitting the button to hear the blade kick in and out, or flick the thumbstud to hear the blade swing out.




And yes, I have way too much time on my hands and way too many mental issues, I'm like a little kid sometimes...

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Here's a shot of what I've done in the garage the past few months. If you guys get the time look through the set I linked in my first post, lots of shots in there of the transformation from one stage to another...



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You have really fit a alot into a small space! 



You have no idea. That's part of why the garage keeps going through different phases, I'm constantly thinking up new ways to "improve" the layout. My brain works everything like a Tetris game...every piece has to get flipped and turned the right way, and interlock with every other piece. Everything is easy to access easy to work with, and when it's all cleaned up it all fits nice and tidy somewhere. My wife can park on "her side" of the garage and I still have a ton of room to work. I can lay a full sheet of plywood on horses and have enough room to squeeze by when her car is in there. It's an obsession, it's making me mental. I go so far as to do stupid stuff like move the hammer rack a 1/4" to the left, so the claw of one hammer doesn't rub on the cabinet. Which was dumb because it barely touched the cabinet, but that's how my head works...everything has to be "perfect". 


The true joy is using the old battery shells as tool mounts, puts everything I use right where I want it, without hiding it all in tool boxes. I've been tossing around the idea of doing a walk-through video of the garage, showing where and what everything is. Probably do that within the next couple of days.

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