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Milwaukee $80 M12 impact driver 2462-22 Review


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Crazy they didn't add a one handed bit holder when they updated it. For 80 bucks though you can't really go wrong  though plenty of power and your bought into the M12 system you can buy bare tools to add too your collection on the cheap. Great video river Javier!!

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Thanks DR99

At first I thought mine was defective when it wouldn't take the bit without pulling the chuck. I tested the display at the store and it did the same thing. It's weird they would do that to a pro brand like Milwaukee. The Hitachi impact i gave my mom is two handed but that's understandable considering the brand as mid range. I really liked the m12 screwdriver was true one handed both inserting and removing bits, it actually spit the bits out.

At $80 it's a crazy good deal with 2 batteries. Lol I think I only paid $3 tax for this whole kit after the $25 of discount and I sold the batteries and charger. I already have enough batteries and chargers.

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Thanks Nicholas. All of that was done on one charge even the stuff that didn't make it in the video. It did 4x 3" drywall screw's, 2 sets of 1/8" drilling (only one set was shown in the vid due to editing), 1x 2" lag and 1x 3-1/2" lag, 3x 5/8" holes and 2x 1" holes and still has 2 bars left on the fuel gauge. The lag screw's were battery killers

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Was trying to figure out how you got the m12 for so cheap, found it: http://professional-power-tool-guide.com/power-tool-forum/index.php?/topic/1966-m12-impact-driver/

Too bad I didnt know about this.


Great review Javier. Still kinda odd that Milwaukee didnt add have basic features (magnetic bit holder, inserting bit w/out pulling the chuck).


Edit: newer m12 brushless allows you to insert a bit w/out touching the chuck

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@ JackTran and Harold, thanks guys

@ JackTran, I still don't get why the pro brands don't include basic features like bit holders, many mid range and diy brands offer that. Maybe they assume you will be using a tool belt or something at all times. Just doesn't make any sense

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