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Craftsman 3 & 3/8" Circular Saw


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I've mentioned this saw a few times in posts...


Overall: a decent little saw...but not nerely enough power. It bound up several times, and eventually killed the battery after trying to rip 1 sheet of plywood.


However, it's a very light, flexible, circular saw. This, and the small kerf, allows the saw to be extremely accurate.


Towards the end of the video I mention that other tool manufacturers should get into this market...my request/statement still stands. I have since learned Makita makes(or made) a 3 3/8" circ saw...I'd like to hear about that. I still would like to see Milwaukee make one!!!




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What little you did cut proved to be too much for that little saw.

I agree they should make a m12 fuel model.

I think Milwaukee had been working on one for years but probably are working hard to perfect it. Even the reviews on the makita 12v aren't that great. I would rather Milwaukee take their time to make it right rather than ship out a dud.

I tried owning a nextec tool once. The basic multi tool and took it back right away. It was under powered. Too bad though because i had high hopes for the craftsman nextec line.

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I probably should have gotten the Rockwell versacut, or the Craftsman equivalent...because it's corded, and wouldn't lose power midway through the cut...but getting the corded version defeats the purpose of the portability/mobility this circular saw provides.


I wish I could return it, but it's not worth the hassle...I got it from a distributor on Amazon...and I'm sure I'll find uses for it.


However, if I had to do it all over, or if anyone else was comparing the two, I probably would have gotten the corded mini circular saw.

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