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M12 Fuel Combo Kits


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NicholasShetley announced new m18 Fuel combo kits a few days ago and I just noticed on facebook that milwaukee will soon sell m12 fuel combo kits. Looks like both include  1x 4.0 and 1x 2.0 battery


Both kits are similar, this kit with a fuel hammer drill and impact driver




this kit with a fuel drill and impact driver



I can't find any credible info on pricing, just bogus pricing for the hammer drill combo @ $400 at graingers and $542.64 at roberts tool & supply co


It would be nice if the pricing was $200-250 USD

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I think I mentioned that later but I didn't put a link on it. I would say 299 for the hammer drill and 279/289 for the drill.

My bad, I skimmed your m18 post and didn't see it and didn't find a separate post on the m12 kits. You might be right about the price but I think thats too much for 12v tools. For a little bit more I could get a 18v/20v similar brushless hammer drill/impact with 2x 4.0 batteries set

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i can't believe how cheap you Yanks can get your tools!


$265/$278/$338 for the dck281d2 / dck286d2 / dck296m2 kits is just a steal! The dck286d2 is around $450 here in Aus from what I've seen.


and yes, hard to justify the M12 FUEL lines in comparison.

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