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Car Unlock Tools (Pics Added)


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Mrs. Conductor is as scatter brained as she is beautiful. She locks her keys in her car at least once a year and seems like the spare stays lost. We call a wrecker service, they come and unlock it, I hand them a $50, and we repeat the process a few months later. Every time they have to come do it I say to myself "damn, you really need to get one of those fancy unlock kits with the air wedge, it'd pay for itself in a few months.

The other night one of Mrs. Conductor's friends stopped by and ran in the house to pick up the clothes we had washed for her because of our little water poisoning fiasco (we have a well) and her 1 year old was sleeping in the car. She must've hit the lock button as she got out because sure enough, car was running, baby was in it, she was locked out. Called a wrecker, waited almost 40 minutes for them to show up, they unlocked the car, charged her a full hour ($77), and left.

So, after telling myself to order the damn unlock kit for the 10th time, I did. I ordered the Big Easy Public Safety Kit from Steck Manufacturing. Google turned up a price of like $56, but with all the add ons (loop, extension, carry case, etc.) it was like $112 shipped. WV laws don't prevent me from owning one and while it's an unusual purchase, I think it will be both handy and cost effective in the long run.

Steck Big Easy Car Unlock Kit

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If you bought her a GM you would have onstar and all you have do is call up Onstar to unlock the car :) The monthly fee would have paid for it's self by now with Mrs. Conductor and the key issues.

:lol: Yea, but I'd burn all that gas picking her up on the side of the road all the time.

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The Big Easy set came today. Lord only knows when I'll actually need it, but it's a cool thing to have. Everything pictured was $118 shipped. Everything fits nicely in the case and will easily fit Behind a truck seat or in the tool box. I checked my State and local laws when ordering.

Chase, this may be something for you to look into being a Firefighter and all. Carunlocktools.com is where this one came from.




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Hrmm, was Conductor and extra in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds? It's all coming together he steals the cars then ships them all across the USA on the Railroads :)!!! Nice to have the tools to do it your self instead of spending tons of cash on locksmiths they can be freaking expensive because they know that your screwed. So this didn't come out of your tool buying budget then I hope because its a Mrs. Conductor issue :)

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