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A Channellock Splurge


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So down in here in Aus I've not noticed Channellock much before, and they are very pricey. But after reading this - http://toolguyd.com/if-i-lost-all-my-tools-which-brands-would-i-pick-for-replacements/ - and seeing the prices on Knipex at my local Masters, I decided to  look into Channellock on Amazon. Thank god for Amazon international shipping! (Though i still get jealous of all the HomeDepot sales).


I recently got two pairs of 10" Irwin cutting and groove-lock pliers, so didn't need those. Just this week I've already ordered Stanley 1/2" deep impact sockets and the Dewalt right-angle drill attachment, so my wife may murder me. If i dissapear, you know what happened ...


So here is my latest Amazon impulse buy tonight! I

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Channellocks aren't plated. They feature a coating similar to poly as a means of corrosion resistance. It will scratch and wear off with use. They aren't flashy, but they are strong. The pliers sold on the Cornwell truck are rebranded Channellock also. Even use the same model #'s

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well i've been unable to keep away from amazon for more than a week. added the matching 10" wrench and the 15.5" oil filter plier to my collection! http://www.amazon.com/Channellock-215-2-Inch-Filter-Plier/dp/B0009WG5T4/ref=sr_1_188?s=power-hand-tools&ie=UTF8&qid=1391333433&sr=1-188


can't wait to see the blue tools start arriving...

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I never go anywhere without a couple of different sizes of my tongue and groove Channel Locks in my tool bag. I prefer the straight jaw over the V jaw. Just seems that they are a bit more versatile. V jaws are great for grabbing on to pipe though. My favorite in the line up is the small 6.5 straight jaw. Fits nicely in your pocket and can get you out of a lot of sticky situations.


The one downfall as mentioned before is the finish. It does wear quite quickly however I have never had it impede the tool's performance. Definitely an A+ brand. A tool that you only have to buy once in a lifetime.

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