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Where are the brushes ?


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You're correct. This type of motor has small electrical contacts, not brushes, that run the motor. Same concept as brushes, contact is made, which causes wear due to friction, dirt, etc.. Unless you have the right knowledge and tools, when the motor dies it's garbage. Try shooting electrical contact cleaner inside the contact area, then run the motor. Might clear up the smell, and might "rejuvenate" the motor a bit to help it run better. Does the drill run, and just stinks, or is it dead?



This is one problem with terminology.Everyone is talking "brushless" these days, which isn't a new concept, just a new design. Motors like the one you have are brushless, the contacts are electrical contacts and not brushes (technically they're brushes, but designed differently). "Brushless" tech now is completely different, it's totally void of contacts, brushes, etc.. The motor spins due to electrical and magnetic impulse, no friction from brushes or contacts.

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